Favorite Denoise Algorithm?

I had some scrappy looking images the other day that I needed clean up for a big project.  The problem was really one of drift between lines, not signal noise per se, but none the less, I needed to fix it and noise reduction using ImageJ/FIJI was what I had to do the job.

Our go to favorite algorithm (for images 6K x 6K pixels at 4.5nm/pixel), is usually something like:

  1. ROF-denoise  theta=7        (A TV image filter that preserves edges while blurring internal structure)
  2. CLAHE 1023 and histogram = 511  (Local contrast enhancement to even out and sharpen contrast.  Low contrast images always look blurry, even though the focus and resolution are the same – so no penalty for getting this right.)
  3. Gamma =0.85  (because I wanted to enhance lower intensity information and not blow out the densest elements).
  4. Unsharp mask, radius=4 and impact = 10%

I also tried smoothing using Gaussian  (2pix)  and mean (1pix)  and median (1pix) filters for the first step.

The results looked like this:   … sorry pics coming


Anyone like to share other approaches?


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