Contribute Perspectives, How To Do, and other Resources

Submissions should emailed to:

Perspectives are intended to provide some key insight that will help others make better sense of a thorny topic or try different things.

HowToDo pages are intended to help people utilize a method, technique or approach, and are usually a good way to share things like:  PDFs of your own methods, a slideshow or video focusing on a topic of interest, a spreadsheet for calculating things, etc.   These are best done via links to content owners web page, but we can also host material for upload here.  Copyright ownership etc is covered in our legal page.

You might also wish to comment on material directly in a comment, through a forum topic, or in an email.  The idea is to be helpful, esp to those that are new, so do strive for  collegiality.

Technical issues about this site, or suggestions, may be sent to the suggestions/gripes forum topic.

Submission:  The easiest approach is to send images and text in a WORD or LibreOffice document, and we will review it and post as quickly as we can.  But anything you can email (30MB limit) will be OK.    Do see the About page which details what kinds of items might be useful.