The purpose of this site is to provide information for people interested in getting the most from “lab-sized” large volume 3DEM projects.  These are projects where a discrete question is addressed using a limited number of “small” datasets and analysis.

As anyone who has been here before, you know this is web site is slowly progressing, but we hope to make a little faster progress with some slightly new formatting.  Click for an introduction to 3DEM imaging using serial block face and similar approaches.

3DEM Ultrastructural Imaging and Computation Core:  As some will know Renovo Neural Inc which has operated out of Cleveland for the past 9 or so years, has ceased operation.   The 3DEM part of that company  (Emily and Grahame) have moved across Cedar Ave to become the 3DEM Core at the Lerner Research Institute of Cleveland Clinic.  The core offers the same kinds of serial blockface imaging that was possible through Renovo.  In addition, as part of the Imaging Cores, we can also provide contacts for other kinds of imaging – histology, TEM, SEM, confocal analysis and so on.

Contact the 3DEM Core by emailing ( and through this site, or directly to or

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