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    Hi everyone. We will be billing for use of our volumescope. We will also be using it as a regular SEM for which we will have an hourly rate. I am interested in how people are charging for longer runs in volumescope mode. I was thinking of say 12 hour or 24 hour rates which are not simply a multiple of the hourly rate – I suspect in a university setting that rate would scare people away.


      Hey chris
      Yes we do something like that in the academic setting. Locals are billed for first 8 hrs at usual sem rates. Collaborators from outside pay for all 24… unless they collaborate so well that they use a locals account and we don’t know. Which is ok because the additional cost for outsiders covers work I have to do for them … image handling etc.

      And a lot depends on how much of the service contract, consumables, and labor you must cover in your budget.

      Downtime is another thing … we were going to have submitted projects that were unfunded but worthy, with a small committee to decide those likely to be successful.

      Hope ghis helps


    Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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