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    Here are some links to 3DEM Raw and annotated data. Please reply with additional databases for us to see and explore.
    webKnossos : Browser-based 3DEM Database
    Virtual Fly Brain : Browser-based fly (Drosophila melanogaster) brain data browser
    WormImage : C. elegans microscopy data
    WormWiring: C. elegans nerve wiring browser and data repository; neuron
    FlyEM: HHMI Janelia Drosophila brain reference data and browser; neuron
    CATMAID: Online data annotation tool. Links to many large datasets.
    Figshare : Generic data repository for anyone to use
    Dryad : Generic data repository for data associated with publications
    TrakEM2: ImageJ plugin that has associated ssTEM test data
    Mitochondrial Segmentation : Data from this paper includes segmentation data from the “Rat Brain Dataset” listed here
    The Materials Project : Simulation focused materials research repository
    LimeSeg Test Datasets : Data associated with the paper for LimeSeg. Includes 3DEM HeLa cell.
    Mendeley Data: Generic data repository associated with Mendeley
    National Center for Microscopy and Imaging Research : News about UCSD’s research. Includes many cryoEM and SBFI papers.
    BiteSize Bio Webinars: Great webinars on microscopy and image analysis. Focus on biomedical sciences.
    3D Histology of Mouse Heart : High resolution serial histology of a mouse heart

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    Alexander Hall

    Light sheet microscopy, computed tomography, and next-gen sequencing techniques are also generating huge (>20 Gb-multiple Tb) datasets. If you have colleagues working with these data types, it would be worth collaborating for data storage solutions, IMO.

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