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      I can help with SBFI dataset size… Someone else recently asked this so I looked into it more closely by looking at timestamps to find out how much per day…

      The usual scenario:
      20 – 80 GB raw data per 24 hour period.

      Worse case scenario:
      There have been a couple times when it’s been 180 – 200 GB per 24 hour period – (2 fields at same time – a large 10nm/pixel field 220 µm x 60µm at super fast acqusition and a small 5nm/pixel field that was about 20 x 20 microns.)

      While those data were large, it was partly because the current version of MAPS saved large, full frame images for the 20K and 40K frames, although I was only collecting data for a “reduced area” of 220 x 60 microns. As MAPS also saved the correctly sized images in the Plugins folders, we elected only to keep them and not keep the full frame images.

      On top of that, I always allow more space (at least double – triple) needed for post processing – creating registered stacks, stitched stacks, etc. Or can do most things on external hard drives, and put raw and finished versions only on server, to avoid intermediate sets space taking up server space.

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